Character creations, expression of the most thoughtful research of shapes, materials, processes and treatments. From the limited edition to the collections in the general catalogue, the attention to detail is such as to make each piece unique. Merit of the teamwork of a cohesive group that has made research and experimentation its added value. The continuous and lasting collaboration between craftsmen, architects and designers of international prestige has given rise to an experience full of emotions.

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The result of a long process made of passion and professionalism, with a revolutionary look and numerous innovations, the new Giara Art Design 2021 catalog aims to break the mold by adopting an interior design

BRASS Collection



A collection made in #brass in the most faithful respect of the workmanship of Giara Art Design which means products made with millenary techniques. Such as sand casting and hand waxing, which give each single piece uniqueness




We have always paid great attention to shape in the making of our products. In the most authentic Made in Italy style, the KLIO handle, by Rds Handles, becomes an excellence even according to the

Who we are
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Giara is the result of the passion that Ruggero Frascio, Emanuela Pasini and their sons Giacinto and Raffaele have for their work: designing and manufacturing handles and interior-design accessories. The BRONZE, GIARA ART DESIGN, KLEIS and RDS collections represent four worlds, four ways of understanding furniture, in which the handle becomes a design complement capable of giving that unique detail that embellishes the home.

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Our origin

History and tradition

The art of bronze casting has existed in our valley for more than four thousand years. Recent archaeological investigations conducted in a small town in the middle Valle Sabbia on the Corna Nibbia show terracotta molds, bronze casting slags and artifacts that testify to the ancient metallurgical tradition dating back to 1,800 BC.

It is possible to admire these precious finds at the Archaeological Museum of Valle Sabbia in Gavardo entitled "Man and metal over the centuries".

Giara is proud to continue today - handing it down and renewing it - the production of precious objects in the same places where our ancestors started this noble tradition. The Bronze and Giara Art design collections are the result of in-depth research into the styles that have characterized the various eras of art and architecture.

Our products are made of BRITANNIUM and BRONZE alloy, prestigious metals of medieval origin, cast and worked manually in compliance with the ancient craft traditions of the area. The items are offered in a natural unpainted finish, according to current environmental and ecological standards.